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Dongseo University established Im Kwon Taek Film Archive & Research Center in October 2007 to commemorate the achievements of IM Kwon-taek, a master director of the Korean cinema, and to contribute to the development of research on the Korean cinema. Im Kwon Taek Film Archive & Research Center at Dongseo University is a film archive, which collects and stores data and records related to Korean films, and a research center for performing academic research on Korean films. Dongseo University has also founded Im Kwon Taek Film Museum to share with the public over 10000 items, documents, photographs, and film clips that have been collected at home and abroad.

Major Activities
- Support and perform research on Korean films
- Collect and store data related to Korean films
- Promote exchanges with research centers in Korea and overseas
- Hold academic lectures and symposiums
- Collect and publish research materials
- Publish academic and educational books